Community Relief

In 2017, 106 Solar Kits have been distributed to the elders of the 53 villages.

Football Tournament

Mvangan Champions League is the most intense sport competition in the Mvangan soil. Only the 16 best teams of the region are elected to compete in the finals. FC Mebo'o Ngoye was the winner of the 2017 edition.


Efulameyong (Cultural Festival)

The EfulaMeyong Cultural Festival is a community festival organized during Sombok-Mvangan that showcases the diversity of Mvangan music, food, arts and culture, bringing thousands of people together each year in a celebration of life. Every year, over 30 performing groups and individuals offer a whole range of performances including traditional dances, like the Mvangan-origin ABAKAUYA, ancestral games, folktales, radio programs.



Economic, Social and Cultural Forum

Every year since 2016, the people of Mvangan seat around the table to adress the main issues of every-day life. The Forum brings together local administration, villagers and civil society stakeholders committed to supporting the development of the Mvangan Region.



Election of Miss Mvangan

Miss Mvanagn is a local Beauty pageant in Mvangan. Today, the election of Miss Mvangan is understandably the most popular event across the youth of Mvangan. In 2016, Mengue Sonia Carelle won the contest, while in 2017, Nyangon Larissa was elected.